I’m not a proofer. I don’t like proofing my scripts. When I was in grade school, I was the kid who the teacher always thought of as their example of a student who gets points off simply because they didn’t proof their work before handing it in.

I’m an adult now, and trying to have a profession in writing, so I proof a lot more now. However, I still have that part of me that’s like, “It’s 100 pages? It’s done.” And I don’t want to spend much more time on it. Ever. My former writing partner is the opposite. He wanted to rewrite and rewrite and rewrite our teen comedies for so many months that the damn movie wasn’t even relevant to today’s teenagers anymore. Someone between me and him is probably the ideal.

Yesterday, I made a lot of changes to my play I’ve been extending from a one-act to a full-length. My goal since I began this rewrite was to get it from 35 pages to 60, thus making it roughly two hours with intermission. Well, with all the changes I made, implementing all of my notes, it’s at 56 pages. I looked at the final page and just wanted to say, “Okay, that’s it. That’s good enough.”

But is it?

Today, I’m flying back to NYC from Tucson where hubby and I have been staying the last 11 days with my in-laws, so in all honesty, no editing is getting done today. But tomorrow, I’ll read the whole thing over and see what other notes I can implement.

That’s right – I’ll proof my work. Goddamnit, I’ll proof my work.