Today is Monday, and I confess, I didn’t write a word Thursday thru Saturday. In my defense, here’s my… well… defense:

  • Thursday, we few back to NYC from Tucson, and traveled all day. No way editing was going to happen that day.
  • Friday, tried to unpack and continue moving into our new apartment, which we only got into a couple of weeks before we left for Tucson. We also had to go sofa shopping before this sale at Raymour & Flanigan ended (we have no sofas or chairs to sit on.) Then we had to go on a preschool tour for a school we’re considering sending our daughter in January.
  • Saturday, well, I had a coffee date with a high school friend I haven’t seen in a couple of years. My daughter had a complete meltdown while I was with him, so I was exhausted when I got back. Then pregnancy fatigue and hormonal weepiness set in, and I felt even less capable of doing anything. About an hour later, I finally got back into productivity, but had to spend the rest of the day unpacking and working towards setting up our new home.

So where’s the balance? How do you juggle life and a writing career that isn’t being regulated by anyone but yourself? Maybe you start a blog, so you feel accountable to the people reading it. (Maybe you start a blog, so you’re working on that, instead of working on your writing.)

With my tail (and my excuses) between my legs, I return to you today to give you yesterday’s accomplishments and today’s goal:

Yesterday: I read through half of the script, making changes along the way, and making notes on what else can be elaborated on.

Today: I’ll read the rest of the script and do the same thing. Then I’ll get back to setting up our new pad.

But I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite celebrities:

“If you’re a fisherman, get in a boat. Don’t just stand there in the forest saying, ‘I’m a fisherman! I’m a fisherman! Prove it.”

~ Michael J. Fox