To follow up on yesterday’s post about how we are all too busy with our day jobs to pursue the careers of our dreams, I’m going to fuss and whine and stomp my feet a little bit more.


My hubby and I are living the dream. That is, we quit our day jobs and started a business of our own that we run out of our home. This means we get to spend all day with our lovely and precious little 22-month old monster and we don’t have to go working for some a-hole at a job we don’t like. While working from home is our dream, my dream is not to be running a video and photography business. I like it, so you know, but I want to be writing. My husband is thrilled. This is what he wants to do. And that’s great. My goal, however, is to help him get our business so successful that he won’t need my help anymore as we’ll be able to afford to hire other people to do my jobs for me.

But for now, I’m juggling raising a child (all… day… long…) while trying to find creative time to produce videos for three separate projects we’re working on, still trying to set up our new apartment (whatever, fuck it, we’ll finish unpacking next summer), going to the gym three days a week (haven’t gone since mid-November), and lastly, oh that’s right, working on getting a writing career.

I don’t know how she does it! Surely, if Sarah Jessica can do it… so can I! (Wait, stop- it’s a movie, it’s not real.)

I haven’t done any writing, or any focusing on my writing career, since the other day when I realized that I had to buy the Dramatists Sourcebook to move any further with my playwriting. It seems I don’t even have time to walk down to Barnes & Noble like I said I would (Amazon, sigh, here I come.)

I’m feeling a little beaten, like this writing career thing is this funny, unamusing game I play with myself that will never become something real.

We need more time. We need someone to take the little precious monster to the playground. We need to get her into school. We need help, so we can get all this work done. The problem is, even with all the projects we’re working on, we’re still really tight on money. We’ve got a lot of credit card debt, after leaving our jobs, and we’re not being paid a ton for the jobs we’re doing. So we don’t have any extra money to hire someone. How are we ever going to handle two? My fault for getting myself knocked up.

Today’s goal: Spend at least 20 minutes reformatting my play, so it meets the standard. Oh, and buy the damn book. For godssakes, just buy the damn book.