I am a fan of “The Office” (eh hem, the American version.) Big fan. I followed Jim and Pam’s courtship better than that of mine and my husband’s. I love lovey love love love that relationship and those two love fools.

But before I get too carried away, let me tell you why I hate them:

  • They don’t fight with each other (and if they do, it’s cute fighting)
  • They have perfect, unattainable love that makes the rest of us feel bad
  • Most importantly, they’re both average employees who are satisfied with their C-grade, and never strive for their dreams.

Jim had opportunities for promotion multiple times, and didn’t take them. Pam had the opportunity to get a degree in graphic design, which she loves, and she quit. It’s charming for the sake of the show, but in reality, they’re two people who put their desire to be with each other ahead of any chance to move forward in their careers.

98% of my stress comes from my expectations I have of myself: I need to be an excellent mother, a great daughter, a terrific sister, the kind of wife single men wish they had (oh yeah, I’m like that), and I need to pursue my desire of being a screenwriter and playwright and I need to succeed at it.

To Jim and Pam, I say, “You may have perfect love, but one day I’ll be writing your words.”

(Actually, I’m not so sure about that, because then I’d be working a long-hour staff writing job, and as much as I’d love that, I’d miss being with my babies, so maybe I’ll write their words in some huge movie they’re in. Plus, they’re made up, fictional characters, so they really can’t understand me anyway.)