What am I doing February 26th, you ask? Watching the Oscars with a bunch of friends in my living room. It’s already on my calendar. There will be healthy food, crappy food, good company, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, a $5 buy-in for the poll, and most importantly Mr. Oscar himself. But in my jadedness, my feelings for Oscar have changed over the years. I used to love him, admire him, want him for myself. Today, I want to fuck him for his awesomeness and then drop him for his fake, social-climbing, unoriginal lameness.

Yesterday, I wrote about the Coen brothers’ terrific ability at writing dialogue in all of their movies, including The Big Lebowski. Something else I was thinking about while watching the film last weekend was all the actors who didn’t get nominated.

John Turturro has, as far as the research I’ve done, never been even nominated for an Oscar. Steve Buscemi too. Sure, we all have different opinions on who is Oscar-worthy, and who isn’t, but if you look at their resumes, I don’t think either of those actors’ award worth is subjective.

Last year there were five nominees for Best Actor in the Academy Awards. All of them strong actors – I don’t have any complaints. But except for “Biutiful”, for which Javier Bardem was nominated, why did they all have to be top grossing movies? What about all the movies that came out that year? Why can we only look at the obvious film choices?

Here are my guesses for the upcoming 84th Academy Awards this February in the same category:

  • Brad Pitt in Moneyball
  • Ryan Gosling in The Ides of March
  • Leonardo DiCaprio in J. Edgar
  • George Clooney in The Descendants
  • The Indie pick (whomever that ends up being)

I didn’t even see Moneyball, and I’m already gonna put my money on that one.

The Academy has their favorites… their pretty boys… the guys they “owe” from last year… and the new shining stars.

The 82nd Academy Awards was one of the more irritating:

  • Anna Kendrick for Up in the Air? Sure, she was fine. But OSCAR WORTHY? Uh uh.
  • Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side? I love me some Sandra Bullock, but for THE BLIND SIDE? That movie felt like a movie-of-the-week and Sandra Bullock like someone playing a “strong woman” on TV.
  • And I still don’t get the Hurt Locker win, but whatever. I sometimes wonder if they did that just because a woman directed it.

But again, those are just my opinions.

Doesn’t matter… I’ll still spend half the day shopping and preparing for the big festivities, go “oh!” and “I didn’t know he died!” during In Memoriam part of the evening, and get excited and pissed off when certain people win and others don’t.

As for my writing, I’m still hacking away at the Dramatists Sourcebook, looking for the right theaters to send my play to.