Almost all movies are about men. Women are the side characters. Much of this is because most movies are written by men, so you can’t really blame them for writing about themselves.

Let’s take a little lookie-loo at the Oscar winners for Best Picture over the last 10 years:

And while we’re at it, let’s look at all the Disney-Pixar movies since Toy Story made them the monstrous kid-loved industry they are:

Again, Pixar is also a total boys’ club. You should see their company photo – it’s almost all boys.

I’m not that upset that all these huge movies are almost entirely all about men. What I’m upset about is that, unless the movie is about a punchy girl, like “Bridesmaids” or Charlize Theron’s “Young Adult” (which looks awesome, by the way) or a total “chickflick” like “The Help”, people don’t want to go see movies about girls. The other thing I’m upset about (and more so than the rest of this) is that I am guilty of falling into writing male main characters too.

Do I do it because subconsciously I believe movies about men will sell better, or because I’ve been so inundated with movies about men that I subconsciously forget that there are stories about women to be written?