My hubby and I work from home. We take care of our 22 month old daughter together. We wake in the night the same number of times, and we therefore have similar lack of sleep. However, as his role in our business tends to be more time sensitive and work heavy, I tend to do more childcare than he does. He works long hours at the computer and I work long hours at saying, “Don’t eat that” and “Did you poop your diaper?”

Hence, the competition.

Who’s done more work today? Who’s more tired? Who’s more deserving of a night off?

I feel the need to prove what I’ve done. I feel the need to say I took out the garbage, instead of just taking out the garbage. I feel the need to be understood.

Isn’t that what most people truly want when battling their partner? To be understood? I’ll do all the hard work, but I want you to KNOW that I did the dishes and put the baby to bed and took out the trash and applied for health insurance and made a doctor appointment for the baby and shaved my legs (for you) and made the bed and cooked the breakfast for your child (while wanting to vomit from morning sickness) while you were sleeping in and did the laundry and cleaned the bathroom (which you never notice) and scrubbed the banana stains off the new sofa. I’ll do it all – I just want you to see that I’m doing it.

And if you don’t see it? Then I’m going to tell you I did it like a petulant child.

Don’t worry, dear Reader. I know this isn’t healthy behavior. But it’s Sunday, and God would want me to do a little pregnant hormonal griping. So there.