I love making spreadsheets. I’d make a spreadsheet about my grocery shopping, if it seemed practical. In going through the Dramatists Sourcebook, I decided the best way to keep track of which theater wanted an inquiry, which wanted a synopsis, which was in NYC and which was in Fort Worth, was to make a spreadsheet.

Below is my masterpiece through the letter A. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to get my super-sized wide document to fit in this blog, so I cut out the 2 right hand columns: when to submit and their response time.

Adirondack Theater Festival Box 3203 atf@atfestival.org No unsolicited Aug-Jan
Glen Falls, NY 12801 Professional rec.
Mark Fleischer
Alley Theatre 615 Texas Ave. No unsolicited Anytime
Houston, TX 77002 Professional rec.
Mark Bly
American Theater Company 1909 West Byron Street info@atcweb.org No unsolicited Anytime
Chicago, IL 60613 Synopsis
PJ Paparelli 10 page sample
Letter of inquiry with SASP
American Theater of Actors, Inc 314 West 54th Street Accepts unsolicited Anytime
New York, NY 10019
James Jennings
Arizona Theater Company Box 1631 No unsolicited Mar-Aug
Tucson, AZ 85702-1631 Synopsis
Jennifer Bazzell 10 page sample
Production history
Letter of inquiry with SASE
Arkansas Reperatory Theater Box 110 No unsolicited Anytime
Little Rock, AR 72203-0110 Synopsis
Leslie Golden Letter of inquiry
Ars Nova 511 West 54th Street artistic@arsnovanyc.com No unsolicited Anytime
New York, NY 10019 Synopsis
Jocelyn Florence 10 page sample
Cover letter
Artists Reperatory Theatre 1515 SW Morrison Street smulligan@artistsrep.org No unsolicited Oct-Mar
Portland, OR 97205 Synopsis
Stephanie Mulligan Letter of inquiry
Atlantic Theater Company 76 9th Ave, Ste. 537 No unsolicited Anytime
New York, NY 10011 10-20 page sample
Abigail Katz Letter of inquiry
Attic Theatre and Film Center 5429 West Washington Blvd litmanager@attictheatre.org No unsolicited Anytime
Los Angeles, CA 90016 Synopsis
James Carey Dialogue sample
Letter of inquiry with SASE Aug-Dec
Aurora Theatre Company 2081 Addison Street No unsolicited
Berkeley, CA 94704 Synopsis
Literary Manager Letter of inquiry