I had my first OB appointment yesterday. My new lovely doctor stuck a thing up my thing as hubby and I watched a poor-quality, live video of our little kiddo, heart beating away. He/she is only 7 weeks in (technically just 5 weeks since creation, if you understand the ridiculousness of the American system of calculating time lapse in pregnancy.) And good news: baby is in my uterus this time. Score.

No, this isn't my baby.

So now it’s really real. Granted, it’s still very early on (you, reader, are one of the only people who knows – I also don’t publicize this blog to anyone I know), but the doctor confirmed that my nasty nausea, exhaustion, cramping, and other sundry items have in fact been the result of a real live pregnancy.

Due August 5th. 32 weeks and 5 days left until my writing career gets put on hold once again. Time to step it up a notch.