I finally finished reading through all the theaters in the Dramatists Sourcebook, and have put all the NYC ones in my adorable little spreadsheet. I’m still feeling very hesitant about sending my play to them, as I’m worried it’s just not good enough, or just not interesting enough, or just not different enough.

The Women’s Project is one of the reputable theaters here in NYC, and only accepts plays from women playwrights. It probably sounds silly, but I wish my play was more female-oriented. It’s got two male characters and two female, all with pretty much equal size roles, and the themes of the play aren’t necessarily female themes, but more about men and women and their mediocrity, expectations, and ability to settle for so much less than what they want.

I kind of wish I had written some awesomely inspiring, performance art piece about twelve women and their metaphorically oppressive vaginas.