The theater companies I’m trying to submit my script to all require different things. Most don’t accept unsolicited scripts, but will accept a letter of inquiry. You write them a letter asking permission to send your script. It feels a little like bowing before the King, begging for mercy on your life (sort of.)

What I’ve learned is that your letter of inquiry should include the following:

  • A request to submit your script
  • Any pertinent info you may want to share about yourself or your play (optional)
  • Not too much stuff (keep it brief)
  • A quick description of your script

How do you pitch your script in a couple of lines? Screenwriters take whole classes to figure out how to do that. Here’s how I opened my letter and described my script:

  • I’m inquiring about the possibility of submitting my play to Atlantic Theater Company. It’s about two unmarried couples hiding from their mediocrity while facing their expectations of each other. It takes place in a modest one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan over the course of one evening.

I then wrote a brief description of my background and included the fact that my play was produced as a one-act in Los Angeles in 2006.

Some other necessary inclusions in these packets to send to theater companies are:

  • Your bio
  • Your resume
  • A synopsis
  • 10-20 page dialogue sample from the script
  • Professional recommendation (ideally from someone who works at that theater, or a respected “high-up” theater professional)

Yesterday I continued putting together my little requirements. Today, hopefully, I’ll finish them up.

But I’m thinking about saving myself some time and just going to their office, dropping to my knees, and begging for my life (sort of.)