I went to see a Broadway play Wednesday night for the first time in I don’t know how long. It’s pathetic, really, that I consider myself a playwright, and yet I never go to plays. I blame my daughter. That’s right. I’m blaming my daughter.

Marlo Thomas and Lisa Emery in "George is Dead", part of the three one-act comedies "Relatively Speaking" at the Brooks Atkinson Theater on Broadway.

My hubby, my sister, and our friend visiting from LA and I went to see Relatively Speaking, a series of three one-act comedies by Woody Allen, Ethan Coen, and Elaine May. It was terrific. Oddly enough, the one by Ethan Coen was my least favorite, considering he’s my favorite writer of the three (not that I know anything Elaine May has written.) When I go to Broadway plays, I get dreamy-eyed. I get wishful, hopeful, and awed.

I even start to regret quitting acting. Marlo Thomas was wonderful. Oh so wonderful. And what I really want is to write a character like that, which Elaine May so perfectly did.