2012: it’s a fresh start. A new year. Better yet, a Monday. Mondays are always great days to start something new.

Per the advice of a friend, I started working on two lists yesterday:

  1. My accomplishments from 2011
  2. My goals for 2012

It’s not easy sometimes (or for people like me) to see their accomplishments. But when you open your mind to it, and realize that no one but you ever has to see this list, you can think of a few extra ones. One of my accomplishments was in moving myself, my husband, our daughter, our business, our 3 cats, and all of our stuff from Los Angeles to New York City. Another one of my accomplishments was working hard most of the year to truly build a better life for myself and my family, both physically and spiritually.

My goals? I haven’t gotten to that list yet. Perhaps the first item will be to be more optimistic. Or something like that.