I’ve entered a screenwriting contest. Well, I feel like it’s not just a contest, but an opportunity to get my script seen. I bit the bullet, and our checking account, and submitted both of my ready-to-go screenplays. But it’s not so bad- $69 for one, $59 for the other. I’m paying them to read my script… and I’m paying for two pages of notes for one of the scripts.

Here’s how they pitch the contest:

Enter the Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition and get in front of 20 Top Level Hollywood Producers! This is a rare opportunity for someone who has not yet broken into Hollywood’s ‘Inner Circle’ to be invited into a vetted ‘Producer’s Event’. This is normally a closed event, but if you win our screenplay competition, you will be invited to join us!

Will I win? Who knows. Will I get something out of it? Maybe. Will I be $128 poorer? Yes. How much is it worth to put myself out there?