I love Michael J. Fox. And I think I may have quoted him earlier in this blog with the line, “If you’re a fisherman, get in a boat. Don’t just stand there in the forest saying, ‘I’m a fisherman! I’m a fisherman!’ Prove it.”

I’m trying to push my play and my two screenplays to get made. But in the process of doing all that, I’m not writing. It sounds like a good idea that a writer should always be writing… even when you’re trying to sell what you’ve already written.

That means I have to start a new script. I did begin messing around the other day and got about 11 pages of a play scene written in about an hour. Problem is, I don’t know what happens before it, or what happens afterwards. Will this scene end up in the scene graveyard in my “Plays” folder, or will it actually turn into a complete story? Perhaps tomorrow I’ll take another whack at it.

So if you’re a writer, write. Otherwise you’re just an serial killer watching Modern Family, not killing anyone. Maybe not a great analogy.