I had a dream last night in which Ron Howard came to talk to me. I was taking some bizarre high school level standardized test with a pencil, whose lead kept breaking, when he showed up next to my chair and knelt down. At first I was worried that he had confused me with someone else, as he was being so friendly, and that he only stayed there next to me out of fear of hurting my feelings. But we had a nice chat- about what I don’t remember.

I’ve been reading the last few months about following the synchronicities in our lives- that when you get a sign for something, you should follow it, in some way or another. So this morning I Googled Ron Howard to see if anything had just come up in the news about him. The answer? No. But I read his bio on IMDB. Aside from the fact that he named all four of his kids after where they were conceived (a little creepy) he sounds like a pretty awesome guy.

So where’s the connection? What do I do with this dream? Should I pursue him in some way regarding one of my two screenplays I’m trying to sell? I tried to get into Tina Fey’s office door (so to speak) to see if she was interested in my screenplay, but maybe now I should try to find Ron Howard’s office doorsteps?