Mediocre movie... back when Kirstie was attractive and not openly crazy... oh, and a total all-star cast

Jobs I can do while watching Kirstie Alley movies (namely, “Sibling Rivalry“, which is presently on Encore):

  1. Design our new business card on
  2. Design our new brochure on
  3. Go through emails
  4. Work on the to-do list for the expo we’re exhibiting at next month
  5. Eat crackers (no, it’s not a job, but I’m pregnant and I don’t feel well so it’s what I’m doing right now)

Jobs I can’t do while watching Kirstie Alley movies:

  1. Call the Labor Board and complain about how a business our daughter did some print modeling for never paid us (eh hem, don’t ever sign up with Jet Set Models)
  2. Call the “tax place” (I don’t know if it’s the IRS or what) and try to find out how much we owe from months ago for our property tax
  3. Call our accountant to tell him his email doesn’t work, so I can’t send him any of the info he needs for our returns
  4. Blog (the TV’s paused right now)
  5. Write anything (it’s okay, I’m so damn busy running our two businesses this week that I just don’t have time to write anyway)