I just had a great idea for a book that’ll get me rich quick! It’s brilliant! It’s gonna make tons and oodles of dough! I’m a gonna be rich!

Oh wait, someone’s already created a successful (and useful) website for that very purpose.

Frequently, when I’m feeling like my dreams will never be fulfilled, I look for second rate dreams that will get me the financial stability and success I want. For example, when I felt like I couldn’t get a career as an actor, I considered going into the production end of things. Or the other day, when I subconsciously realized I would never get a career writing the things I want to write, I decided to write a guide book for all the towns and cities in the countries so people looking for a new place to live would have all the answers to their questions at their little fingertips.

But then I remembered that there’s this website I enjoy using that’s already cornered that market. And it’s online, which is cheaper, easier to update, and easier to sell. It’s called NeighborhoodScout.com. It’s pretty fun, actually. It tells you how many whites and nonwhites, how many people have kids, what’s the average age, average income, average home price, etc.

So I guess it’s back to my original plan of making a success out of myself doing what I really want to do. That is, until I find another second rate dream that someone else has already done.