This is how being totally broke is hyyyyyyyyyysterical!

  1. When you’re looking for a night out, but can’t buy movie tickets or even a hot dog for dinner, make your own entertainment by running naked through a restaurant. It’ll be terribly amusing for those eating and you’ll probably score some bread and water in jail.
  2. When you’ve run out of food, start making high-larious meals with what’s left in your cabinets, like black beans and ketchup, or dog food on carrots.
  3. When you have to go downtown to try and network in the hopes of finding work, but you don’t have enough money for gas/subway/bus/cab/whatever, knock some random kid off his skateboard, jump on it, and yell “the flux capacitor is what makes time travel possible!”
  4. When you need to buy new boots for winter because the snow keeps seeping through your Keds, go barefoot instead and tell everyone you’re the latest idiot anarchist (a cold, cold idiot anarchist.)
  5. When your landlord asks for the rent, instead of telling him you can’t pay, just “MOOO!”