In response to yesterday’s post, here is how having no money is not quite so funny:

  1. We’re running out of food. Soon I’ll be eating the fish (and I’m not talking about fish in the freezer…)
  2. I just used our second to last tissue. (We’ve both got colds that we caught from our daughter who caught her cold at the daycare we send her to for $750 a month.)
  3. Our client and one of our tenants both just told us they’re going to be a few weeks late on their payments. I have nothing amusing to say about that.
  4. Just got our final bill for $1500 for my stupid ovarectomy last summer (p.s.: “ovarectomy” is not the correct term, but “oophorectomy” doesn’t make sense to most people.)
  5. I’m pregnant and angry. And yes, those two things make poverty a lot less funny.

“Why do you have no money?” You ask. “Can’t you get a job??”

Because I strongly dislike judgment and criticism from others, I will offer the following in defense of our situation:

My husband and I run two businesses from home: a photography and video production company. During the spring months, we tend to have a number of weddings to shoot. During the winter months, we tend to have a few promo videos for nonprofits and small businesses to shoot. Well, no one seems to be getting married right now and we haven’t found any more businesses that need videos done. We’re presently working on two video projects, but those clients have already paid (eh hem, except for the guy hasn’t paid his final installment yet) and we’ve used all that money.

So my hubby dusted off his old editor resume and is sending it to a couple of people in hopes of some side editing work (as much as he doesn’t want to go back to being a hired editor- but hey, it’s good money and he’s good at it.) As for me, if I went out and got a job, I couldn’t do the producing I’m already doing for the big project we’re working on, plus then our 2 year old would be at home with my husband and then he wouldn’t be able to get the work done that he needs to do. So… we need more clients. That’s pretty much it.

Or is it?

It’s time Mama brought in the real dough by selling her screenplay her manager is presently submitting to various important people. Not only that, but it’s time Mama finished the damn outline for the new teen comedy she’s been putting off for the last two weeks due to busy-ness and depression. It’s also time Mama stopped talking about herself in third person and got to work.

Back to the outline!