For what it's worth, I like Rob Schneider just fine.

I’m building my writing community. I don’t mean that I’m adding a bunch of new agents to the list of people I know- I’m talking about building my overall network of people involved in the world of my writing career. Part of this means that I went to (yes) another networking event the other night. Every time I get invited to some sort of networking event (i.e. my alma maters are doing an alumni event related to my work or Wedding Salon invites us to a wedding professionals event, etc.) I go. I’m like the kid who absolutely must go to the party in fear that she might miss something if she stays at home. I don’t want to miss that one networking event that could be the one where I meet the people who will help me kick my career into the next level.

And don’t get me wrong, sometimes these networking events can be great places to rekindle old friendships too (well, the alma mater events, not the Wedding Salon events- though those people are sometimes lovely too.)

I met some great people at this event the other night, as well as seeing old classmates I haven’t seen since graduation. One guy I spoke to made an interesting point: “It’s not whether or not you do the project you really want to do… it’s about who you do the project with.” A couple of us are now talking about building a writers and actors workshop group that’ll meet once a week as an opportunity for writers to try their scripts out and for actors to keep their chops up. I was involved with a group like this in Los Angeles, and only good things can come from it. Now I may get to start my own group… thanks to running into this guy the other night who wants to do it too.

So it’s not just all about who you know in order to get successful- it’s all about who you know in order to have a community you want to work with.

But the baby’s coming in four months… so let’s get this party started!