Which script do you write?

  1. The commercial, high-concept script with obvious marketability?
  2. The “this-is-the-story-I’ve-been-wanting-to-tell-since-I-was-an-embryo” script? In other words…

… do you sell out?

My husband is always encouraging me to write what I want to write and not follow some ridiculous Hollywood formula. But even the non-Hollywood seeming movies follow a type of formula (even the most bizarre, independent films don’t have the hero enter on page 95…)

But I have to admit two things:

  1. I don’t know what I truly “want to write”. I haven’t found that story yet that’s wanting to be written.
  2. Sell-out scripts are fun to write too.

So until I’m inspired with the story that needs to be put on paper (or on Final Draft) I’m going to continue writing lively, hip, trendy, popular, high-concept, commercial, and marketable scripts.

Cuz hey, mama’s gotta eat too.