If you work from home… absolutely nothing.

I was so grateful when I did this Google search that my Safe Search filters were on moderate and not anything worse.

“Hump” day has no significance other than whatever naughty sexual implications you may want to make of it. Saturday and Sunday also have no significance, unless you have clients who work a Mon-Fri schedule (like we do) so they don’t call or email you on Saturday and Sunday (you hope.)

So it’s Wednesday, and for us that means our two year old is in day care and we’re at home waiting for the phone to ring (well, not exactly.) But being the borderline unemployed self-employed people that we currently are, we’re not buried under a pile of work. I need to work on my screenplay outline, re-enter most of our 2012 financial records since my hard drive died and lost most of my work, and my hubby is doing bits of pieces of work as our client calls in with directions from their client. We’re thinking of going out for pizza for lunch.

We’ve got a video shoot next week, and then three days in a row the following week at the Marriott Marquis for two (count’em TWO) different jobs for both of our companies. Being that we’re in Manhattan where there are five-hundred-thousand-million places to have large conferences, the fact that we’re spending two gigs in a row at the Marriott Marquis is a little bit of a funny coincidence. The first day, we’re presenting at an expo there and the next two days we’re shooting video for a client.

Today, we’ll take it a little easy and I’ll try to finish the next draft of my screenplay outline. That’s the plan, at least.

So since Wednesday means almost nothing to me… happy April 4th!