Yesterday, I suddenly felt inspired to start writing a screenplay I’ve wanted to write on and off for years. This is much thanks to (and I’m embarrassed to say) my work doing The Artist’s Way workbook. During my two hours of uninterrupted writing time that my hubby and I give me five days a week, I began an outline for the third script. And you know what?

It fucking rocks.

In the period of two hours, I typed a 2 1/2 page outline in (almost) full detail… the kind of thing that used to take me 1-2 days. It follows a typical script structure of:

  • The Set-up
  • The Opportunity
  • The New Situation
  • The Change of Plans
  • Progress
  • The Point of No Return
  • Higher Stakes and Worse Complications
  • The Major Set-back
  • The Final Push
  • The Climax
  • The Aftermath

Sure, it needs to be fleshed out a lot more (God, I still hate that word), but it implements everything I’ve learned through trial and error over the years, through notes from managers and industry professionals, through going to the (blowhard) Robert McKee‘s writing seminar a few years ago, through working with my old writing partner (who knows structure like a hooker knows the right street corner), and through researching and researching existing movies. And you know what?

I fucking rock.

But let’s not get ahead of myself. I don’t expect every day to go that well. However, today I continued to enjoy working on it, giving it two more hours of love this afternoon, adding six B storylines of other characters (kind of like in Love Actually, but with less of a focus than the main character.) To give you the vibe of the movie, I’m writing it with Simon Pegg in mind for the main character (I like to imagine my actors in my scripts when I write them because it helps bring them alive to me.)

Needless to say, I’m jazzed to be so jazzed about a script. Hopefully, the jazzedness won’t die out before I’m able to finish the thing.