(on the phone) “Every time you go to the john you lose IQ points. (aside) It’s Walter Mondale.”

~ Annie Potts in Pretty in Pink

Now that's humor right there.

When people ask me what kind of scripts I write, I always respond “comedy” or “dark comedy”. So why is it that I keep writing stuff without a whole lot of humor in it? Sure, my scripts are usually ultimately funny before I pass them on to people, but my first draft always just seems to focus on hitting the main plot points and doesn’t go for the funny. Was The Jerk funny in the first draft? I’m not asking if the script was perfect the first draft, but was it funny?

Do I have to push the funny because I’m lazy in how I construct a first draft, or is it because my fingers on the keyboard don’t really want to be funny? Or maybe I’m just trying to fit some sort of style set by my predecessors?