The note-taking stage… I liked taking notes for the beginning stages of the outline… I liked it because I was excited about the project. But actually taking the notes? I’ve certainly done things more fun in my life.

The outline stage… I’m not exactly running to work on my outline every day. Sure, I work on it, but running to do it? No.

The writing stage… I’m looking forward to putting the outline down in dialogue in lovely Final Draft. But then I’ll probably just stress about how little stage direction I use (I use very little.)

The proofing stage… Once the script is done, I’ll have to proof it. Okay, I kind of like proofing, cuz I get to use a red pen. I like using my red pens and changing things. So yes, that stage I kind of like. Plus, I don’t have to carry my computer around because I’ve printed the thing out (Yes, I waste paper. Suck on that.)

So why am I writer? Do I enjoy it? Yes. But I have no idea why.

Maybe I don’t have a writing problem. Maybe I just have a complaining problem.