Today: May 5th. Baby due: August 5th. Tomorrow: day #1 of trimester #3. Three months to go. How far have I come in the last six and what can I get done with what’s left?

What I’ve Done in the Last Six Months:

  • I finished my rewrite of one of my plays.
  • I submitted my inquiry letters, sample pages, and synopses of my play to 12 theater companies in NYC. One of them requested the full-length script. Mailed three days ago.
  • I finished that new screenplay a couple of months ago- received useful notes from two professionals in the biz… have yet to implement them. Script sitting bored in a folder on my computer.
  • I am nearing the end of the most detailed outline I’ve ever done for a high-concept, commercial script I am (so far) very proud of. The outline is so fleshed out (still hate that phrase) that when I’m done with it, the Final Draft document will practically write itself.
  • I have begun the process of seeking out a space for a writers/actors workshop I want to start in NYC. It’s not a place for teaching or necessarily learning- it’s a space for actors to simply keep their chops up and for writers to get notes on their scripts. And the only cost will be to pay for the rental of the space. Again, I’m at the very beginning stages. I have yet to find a space.

What I Still Want (and think is realistic in the time remaining) to Do in the Next 3 Months:

  • Finish the new screenplay and get it out to every contact I have
  • Get the writers/actors workshop going
  • Make some sort of progress with my play… whatever that is.

I know that my life isn’t exactly ending in 3 months. I know that I am capable of being productive even with an infant attached to me and a 2 2/2 year old running around wild. For those of you who don’t have children- yes, you can do what you need to do… but in my experience, it’ll take 4-5 times longer. With a young child in the house, it takes all day to do what could be done in 2-3 uninterrupted hours.

I just did an exercise in my Artist’s Way book that had me write down all the creative projects I have more-or-less walked away from in my life. I realized that in 8 years of pursuing a writing career as a woman without children, I accomplished what I probably could have in 2 years, had I tried harder. Now that I have child(ren) and my life is exponentially, dramatically, and ridiculously harder, I’m now really trying to make it happen. Is that irony? Probably.