My deadline is fast approaching. If I do the scheduled c-section like the doctors are recommending, that means my second child arrives in 8 weeks and 5 days. So do I want to finish this script and get it out into people’s hands before then? F*ck yes, I do.

The problem? I don’t wanna write it anymore. It doesn’t have anything to do with the script… it has more to do with how busy my brain has been on other things lately. When I have an hour available to write, I just want to sit and watch episodes of Friends.

I was talking to a guy I know today and I told him that I was basically forcing myself to keep working on it. He said, emphatically, “Don’t do that.” He warned me of the loss of creativity and what that will do to my script. But then again, he doesn’t have the same kind of time table and deadline I have. (I mean the dude doesn’t even have a girlfriend, let alone a two year old, another baby on the way, rent, a mortgage, a struggling business, etc.) But honestly, I understand his point.

So what do you do when you need to finish a script, but you totally don’t want to work on it and you wish you could just pay someone to do it for you, or you wish it would all just disappear? Julia Cameron would say to put it aside and wait until inspiration strikes again. But as I think I’ve bitched about before, Julia Cameron wrote an entire book (Artist’s Way) on how to revive your creative life by spending hours and hours and hours every week doing exercises to help bring it back, all the while childless herself. This is not to say that only people with children and mortgages understand a good deadline. Many writers out there have bills that are waiting to be paid, agents who are waiting for a finished draft, and simply themselves just needing to get it done.

And though Julia and my friend have very good points, when I’m working on a script that I just feel so uninspired to write, my solution is…

I keep writing, damnit.