I was a lucky, lucky writer last Saturday and had 6 friends (including my recovering-actor husband) come over to read my script aloud and give me their notes. I have a few small changes to make and then it’s done. Done. D-d-d-d-DUN. But more importantly… it’s good.

I love having readings. Not only are they a fun opportunity to get friends together, but it can be really helpful to (1) hear your script read be people other than yourself; and (2) get their opinions on the intricate details to the big picture.

Google doesn’t have any funny images about LIKING people’s opinions, so I’m using this one instead.

If there’s one thing I learned from directing my own plays a few years back it’s that you need outsiders’ opinions. It’s not the same thing in your head as it is out in the world.

The plan now? Finish the script today or tomorrow. Then send it out to the world (or at least the few contacts I have and haven’t burned bridges from giving them mediocre scripts in the past.)