77 days since Phoebe was born, and you know what? I’m still not Joel OR Ethan Coen. However, I’m closer than ever before.

11 weeks old and all grown up

That awesome, so awesome, script I finished in the beginning of July is still awesome. In fact, I made some changes that made it even more awesome. I spoke to my manager on the phone yesterday, and he really liked it. Sure, I have some changes to make, but he liked it. And in my opinion, that’s the most important thing. Cuz if the script doesn’t make any money, he doesn’t make any money. So, this means that he believes in it enough to spend his valuable time on it.

I’m prepping to start the changes today and he and I will work on it together in the next day, or two.

Do I want to be a super celebrity screenwriter? Sure. Do I want to take my family on five huge vacations a year? Yes. Do I want to send both my little girls to the private school I went to, which starts at $34K for kindergarten (yeah, per kid)? Totally.

It was $15K for 12th grade in 1996. Yeah. Inflation much?

Would I just like to be able to buy my family Christmas presents this year and feel like I’m going somewhere with my writing career? Abso-tootin’-lutely.