Mika book

I need to talk about Mika Brzezinski. Mika is a co-host on one of my favorite news shows, “Morning Joe” on MSNBC on channel 714 (MSNBC in HD, baby.) Almost every time she addresses any of the men on the show (and they’re all men, except for her) she makes biting comments like, “Can we answer this honestly?” or she rolls her eyes at Joe Scarborough, or she talks under her breath. She also sides, unnecessarily, with women, as though just because you’re a woman you’re right, or just because you’re a man, you’re wrong. I believe that she believes she is an example of a powerful, successful, and confident woman for others to emulate. Hey, she wrote a book on the subject. But I believe that she is an example of a self-hating woman who is terrified of her aging body (though she’s a very attractive woman) and puts up a front against men as though being against men is what’s going to make women stronger.


She makes successful women look like their stereotype: bitches who bitch.

Why do I care? Because she gives us a bad name. On the show, she is resentful, irritated, and a know-it-all. And as a woman, I want her to buck the f*ck up. Cheer up, Mika: it’s not all that bad. Be the example for other women- don’t be what men hate about women. Show us that successful and powerful women are a good thing to have around- not something with a chip on its shoulder.

A few years ago, I helped run a sketch comedy show on the Internet with 5 men. I was the only woman. It was a real challenge for me to feel heard, feel respected, and feel needed, particularly because some of the men had very strong, unforgiving personalities (not you, Mick- you’re lovely). And occasionally I became a bitch because it was the only way I knew how to keep up and feel like I was an equal player on the team. But in hindsight, I wish I used something far more powerful and influential than my attitude… something all women should have in their arsenal… an asset that can get women the real success they want: confidence.

Mika, you don’t need to roll your eyes, or snip at Joe, or talk under your breath to John Heilemann or Donny Deutsch. You’re a beautiful, well-educated, intelligent woman. And hey, if Sarah Palin can look herself in the mirror every morning, then darn it all to heck, so can you.